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December 2017
 Hip hop whisky
December 09, 2017
When a rap singer meet a whisky producer its gives the D.U.C. Created in partnerships by Booba and distiller from Charente, Maison Daucourt, the D.U.C is a blend of three different 4 to 8 years old wh[...]
 Truffle time in Lot
December 24, 2017
Fine dining with great wines, cooking classes, walks through truffle groves, harvest demonstrations,… During the black truffle harvest season several events centered around this delicacy are organized[...]
 Baroque escapade in Dresden
Week-ends in Europe
December 15, 2017
Painstakingly restored since the end of World War II, Dresden has rediscovered its former splendour. Boasting 37 museums, 36 theatres and 9 musical ensembles this German city located between Leipzig[...]
 Swimming and adventures in Guadeloupe
Travel Abroad
December 17, 2017
In Guadeloupe beaches and bathing go hand in hand with adventure and tropical forests. In this multi-faceted island in the Antilles winter takes place beneath sunny skies and with one’s feet in the s[...]
November 2017
 Olympic feelings in Jura
Sport & Nature
November 03, 2017
Fancy trying out some new winter sports? …in the department of Doubs you can do just that, with spectacular disciplines like ski jumping and biathlon on offer. These moderately priced activities are o[...]
 Great red wines from Provence
Wine Tourism
November 16, 2017
Provence is mainly known for its rosé wines. However, the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation also produces excellent reds able to be aged for several years and to pair with red meat and games. Made[...]
 In the land of Pineau d’Aunis
Wine Tourism
November 21, 2017
Less than 200 km away to the south west of Paris, near the town of Vendôme, the hillsides of the Loir valley boast vineyards giving excellent wines. Reds and rosés have a particular peppery taste comi[...]
 Thousands of wines to taste
Wine Tourism
November 12, 2017
Winemakers from all over France come to Paris to showcase their wines. A unique opportunity to taste famous and little-known wines, chat with the winemakers and buy bottles at competitive prices.
October 2017
 Sleep in an igloo in the Mercantour
Sport & Nature
October 18, 2017
Have you ever dreamed about experiencing the traditional Inuit way of life ?... If so, a travel company offers you snowshoe trekking tours with overnight stay in a self-made igloo in one of France’s m[...]
 Salt therapy at ThermaSalina
Well Being
October 24, 2017
For centuries, salt production brought wealth to Salins-les-Bains. Today, thermal baths offer courses of treatment for rheumatism and wellness cares based on the virtues of salt.
September 2017
 A museum celebrating Camille Claudel
Family Outings
September 12, 2017
Recently opened in Nogent-sur-Seine, the Camille Claudel museum traces the work and career of this sculptor. It also gives a glimpse of the late 19th century French sculpture.
 Côte des Bar, land of champagne
Wine Tourism
September 05, 2017
To the southeast of Paris, the Aube department is home to a part of the champagne appellation area. The Chassenay d'Arce cooperative produces a large selection of excellent cuvees there.
 The best of Jurançon
September 13, 2017
Domaine Cauhape’s two new cuvees, Quatre Temps and Boléro, gives the chance to taste for a very reasonable price excellent wines from the best producers of the Jurançon appellation. Quatre Temps 2015 [...]
August 2017
 Renoir’s summer residence
Exploring France
August 30, 2017
For many years, painter Auguste Renoir spent his summers in the Aube department. Follow in the artist’s footsteps in the wine growing village of Essoyes.
 Wine tourism along the Canal du Midi
Wine Tourism
August 17, 2017
Between Carcassonne and Béziers, the Canal du Midi passes through several wine appellations. By boat, by bicycle or by foot you can follow its course to discover some of the wineries.