Anjou’s underground world

In the surroundings of Saumur the subsoil hosts many underground galleries and dwellings. A mysterious world full of surprises, yesterday left in ruins, nowadays trendy, where it’s possible to enter and even to spend the night[...]
Caves des Perrières ©T. Joly      

© Prés de Hem
 Barefoot walking
Renowned for being healthy, barefoot walking is becoming increasingly popular. Several parks have cr[...]

Cathedral © T.Joly
 Chartres by night
For six months, every night the monuments of Chartres are bedecked with shimmering colours. A specta[...]

© Thierry Joly
 In the land of Pineau d’Aunis
Less than 200 km away to the south west of Paris, near the town of Vendôme, the hillsides of the Loi[...]

Plovdiv ©T. Joly
 A stroll around Bulgaria
In the past few years Bulgaria has attracted a growing number of European tourists. Nice beaches, mo[...]