Short break in Tarn

Awesome monuments, art museums, picturesque villages stepped in history,.. The Tarn department has lots to offer. Along with an enjoyable climate and contrasting landscapes, it also has gastronomic restaurants and produces exc[...]
Albi © T. Joly      

© T. Joly
 Thousands of wines to taste
Winemakers from all over France come to Paris to showcase their wines. A unique opportunity to taste[...]

Machines de l'Ile © Jean-Dominique Billaud - LVAN
 Extraordinary Machines de l’Ile
Monumental mechanical structures featuring animals or extraordinary creatures are being designed and[...]

Freemasonry museum © T. Joly
 The Freemasons open their doors
French freemasonry would like to be better known by the general public. Its recently renovated museu[...]

Sakes © T. Joly
 Sake sanctuary in Paris
More and more chefs and sommeliers praise sake and consider it pairs as well as wine with Western co[...]